iPhone Repairs

Got an iPhone with a cracked or broken screen? We can replace the iPhone touch screen so your iPhone will be as good as new. Brisbane Computer Services will replace a faulty/broken iPhone screen with super quick turnaround times and quality components. We can repair water damaged iPhones, faulty buttons, speakers and microphones. Get your iPhone unlocked. We repair all things iPhone.

iPhone 3GS repairs also available!

iPhone problems after installing a dodgy app? We can repair your iPhone's operating system to be back up and running in no time.

We are located in Brisbane, Queensland. We have been established for 9 years and pride ourselves on quality of service. We operate out of a retail outlet, so you can ensure you iPhone is safe with us. Feel free to come on down.

If you live outside of Brisbane, you can ship your iPhone to us. If you have any questions, call:

(07) 3137 1934