Network Systems

Networking computer systems is our speciality, Our extremely trained network technicians, can fix all network problems and integrate remote desktop support and remove server support for online service.

Web Design

Internet websites are becoming the most important part of your business. In the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in the requirement for a website to show business presence.

Server Repairs Brisbane understands that businesses usually have ongoing costs for maintenace and updating of the website. We can deliver a content management system or (CMS) to change your website yourself! Imagine being able to change your website in your web browser like Internet Explorer.

Computer & Server Repairs

Computer and Server repairs is what we do everyday, so don't get caught sending your computer to a business that will take too long and will charge you too much.

Voice Over IP

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is simply sending a normal analogue phone call with your exisiting handset or cordless phone, through a digital converter into your broadband Internet connection, and to the normal PSTN or analogue phone of another person.

This technology bypasses the phone exchange, as it's passing through a Broadband connection, Cable or ADSL. So it is not registered by your phone carrier as a phone call. Using this system you can now make calls extremely cheap.